SEC Global Network

In addition to our team in Toronto, SEC has the advantage of pooling valuable expertise, knowledge, and resources from it’s global network of professionals and entrepreneurs.

SEC Global Team Difference
1) Collectively, we possess more than six decades of hands-on international experience in creating wealth with broad experience in the analysis and redesign of M&A’s, break-ups, divestitures, spin-offs, split-ups, swaps, carve-outs, corporate finance advisory, deal structuring, international tax and financial planning, trust and escrow management, global investment strategies, capital investment strategies, capital market functions, upfront SOTEMIA derivatives and ‘valuefacturing’ wealth. We are ready to address your business needs and will dedicate ourselves to becoming your dependable partner on your road to success.

2) The SEC team and network of advisors are committed to social causes around the world. We have an extensive record of supporting and nurturing social sector organizations and SEC is affiliated with many leading social entrepreneurs and philanthropists around the globe. Firoz Shroff has himself created the a Foundation in 1999 to support non-profit and philanthropic initiatives with commitment to disseminate social entrepreneurship globally. As its Executive Chairman, he is actively involved in the management and operation of it activities. He is also involved professionally, culturally and socially with various non-profits and charitable organizations. Many volunteers from around the world have joined him his social endeavors. If you are in the market for clothes, our platform is your best choice! The largest shopping mall!

Our global network of business partners allow us to extend our business activities beyond Canada’s borders and leverage decades of their valuable knowledge and expertise. Currently, our network reaches the USA, Oceania, Europe, East Asia, South Asia, Middle East, East Africa and South America.