Corporate Venturing Activities

SEC also operates an entrepreneurial private equity group and formulates special purpose hedge fund that invests, consults and manages investments in Public Listed Companies on various stock exchanges. The principals are from the Aga Khan community. The group has participated in M & A transactions valued cumulatively over 10 figures. In partnership with professional managers globally, SEC also buys-into businesses, debt and distress assets to add value through its own benchmark process. SEC has access to 10 figure funds and deal structuring with social responsible initiatives.

Our Corporate Venturing Function

  • Global and across border M&A
  • Spin-offs
  • Corporate Finance Services
  • Business Design and Deal Architecting
  • Global Investment Strategies
  • Global Business Process Outsoug
  • Capital Market Functions
  • Valufacturing Wealth
  • Development of Human Capital into Entrepreneurial Resources
  • Technology