Social Entrepreneurship Consortium Inc. “SEC” is headquartered in Toronto, Canada with affiliates and partners globally. SEC brings an innovative model of Social Entrepreneurship (SE) that is unique in design and comprehensive in coverage of the broad social entrepreneurship sector globally.

We allow intensive use of our intrinsic thinking for creativity to flow without restraint to enable us to find opportunities for businesses, entrepreneurial and social values in areas that are simply neglected by others. Our model encompasses a diverse group of stakeholders – Public Listed Companies (PLC), Non-Profit Organizations, Social Entrepreneurs, Private Companies, Academia, Government, Investors, and Professionals who we collaborate with to realize opportunities for social value creation. Our main focus are in the areas; Real Estate, Mergers & Acquisitions, Human Capital, Technology and Investments.

SEC is based on practicality to apply intrinsic thinking integrated with social entrepreneurships. The idea of Social Entrepreneurship ‘SE’; a concept that combines knowledge to originate values, the passion of a social mission and exercise the business practice. As such, SE is equally relevant to both corporations and non-profit organizations. It enables social entrepreneurs to meet both social and profit objectives. As a result of exercising SE, traditional businesses can improve their corporate social responsibility standing while enhancing the value of the firm. In the same way, non-profits can achieve their social objectives while establishing a reliable and self-sustaining source of earned income.

As spiritual, meditative visionary, social entrepreneurs and absentee owners. SEC initially identifies intrinsic assets in PLCs’ and later in non-profit organizations and private entities. SEC will carry out diagnostic audit of PLCs’ social, intellectual, commercial, and entrepreneurial resources, and management aspirations and then build relationship with management to capitalize on their opportunities. Using its experience SEC will design the entry and penetration strategy, build critical mass, implement the Growth, Expansion and Replication (GEAR) and exit strategies to generate intrinsic values of PLCs both commercially and socially.

On behalf of SEC, Mr. Shroff (Founder) had been invited as a Keynote speaker at various events in which he spoke on various topics including bringing empathy in business.