SEC welcomes companies, organizations, and individuals to submit proposals for business opportunities.

Public Listed Companies (PLCs’)
SEC welcomes all publicly listed companies registered on all the major stock markets around the world to contact SEC to inquire about opportunities to increase their market capitalization. SEC will provide consulting, investment, and mentoring services to PLCs’ who wish to partner with SEC for value creation through business expansion or new business development strategies.

Non-Profits Organizations
SEC welcomes non-profits organizations to contact SEC to inquire about opportunities for equity sharing, self-sustenance strategy, and mentoring. SEC will not simply fund social organizations, but instead will provide guidance and business model development, which will enable them to adopt a sustainable business strategy to generate their own revenue. Leaders of social organizations will come to SEC with a need for funding and SEC will work with them to develop business strategies that promote sustainability. It will assess the organization’s assets and help them move beyond traditional fundraising (e.g., donation based) to design revenue generating activity including business ventures and partnerships. This plan will help the social organization find ways to expand their resources and strengthen their social impact through the stimulation of new sources of revenue. Once a strategy is solidified SEC will fund the organization in the startup phase of their venture.

Private Companies
Companies that are not listed on any stock exchange are also encouraged to submit their plans to obtain capital resources.

Professional Managers
Professional managers working for large companies who have plans to move out through outsourcing of their department as a business entity and looking for capital resources are encouraged to submit business plans for equity participation and business mentoring from SEC.