Priyanka Turilay MBA, BCom, CBSCP, Lean Six Sigma

Priyanka is a Canadian supply chain professional based in Markham, Ontario. Priyanka has over 10 years of core supply  chain / Logistics/Distribution experience in high-growth Fortune 500 public listed companies across Canada, USA, Europe and South East Asia. Priyanka holds B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce) and MBA (Master of Business Administration) degrees from Canada. She is a trained Lean Six Sigma practitioner and is a Certified Blockchain & Supply Chain Professional (CBSCP) by the Blockchain Council.

Priyanka has lived and worked in over 6 countries (Canada, USA, Singapore, Thailand & others) and is fluent in multiple languages (Thai, English & others).

Causes Priyanka is passionate about – Women Empowerment, Women Business Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion, animal rights.