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The SEC Team

Firoz Shroff

As a seasoned, aspired and focused entrepreneur, Mr. Shroff has in the last 10 years  been experimenting and researching non-profit, philanthropic venturing and social entrepreneurship field. His dedication and present focus, as founder sponsor is to formulate innovative structure to bring to maturity Social Entrepreneurship Consortium Inc, as 1st public listed billion dollar non profit entity on stock exchange. As a role model for new direction in the non-profit sector he is implementing a road map and blue print to practically utilize the present resources of $120 trillion global capital market base.


He is founder member of SASI Foundation and President of Homeland International and United Nations Association of Canada Toronto Branch which he helped revive. A catalyst, founder and sponsor he also re-establish UNAP United Nations Association of Pakistan after 35 years of closure. He has experience in strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, international capital market, shares, debt instruments, currency and commodities futures, options, arbitrage, derivatives, investment banking and corporate management. He has over 40 years hands on experience in the development and operation of businesses and investments in SAARC region, Canada and internationally.


His primary emphasis is on value adding in public listed companies, private businesses and social organizations through application of qualitative analysis to identify their valuable intrinsic assets and developing strategies to capitalize them by providing them withy necessary resources including mentoring to increase shareholders value. Mr. Shroff specializes and has talents in providing a combination of business development, strategic and value adding direction, valufacturing, management and financial restructuring experience to both privately and publicly held companies with a matured insight. During his career, he has handled transactions in substantial ten figures for investors and his own account.  Biographical information by honor of invitation led to notable mention in world-renowned publications such as Who's Who in America, Who's is Who in Finance and Industry, Who's Who in the World and The Men of Achievement and Honor List and many others. He has an Honorary Appointment to Board of Directors Research at The American Biographical Institute.  He has affiliations with various international social and business organizations. Mr. Shroff has worked in, visited more than thirty countries and is resident of Canada. He has now dedicated his time and personal resources to promote social entrepreneurship to assist social sector to create self-sustaining entities through collaboration of commerce with philanthropy and non-profit with profit to apply his Social Wealth Origination model utilizing the global capital markets.


Mr. Shroff had been invited as a Keynote speaker at various events in which spoke on various topics.  Please find below the presentations that he gave at these events.

Space Ship Vision On How Social Entrepreneurship (Se) Can Be Integrated With Sovereign Wealth Funds (Swf) To Benefit Society At Large - Asset Owner Conference- USA

How To Develop Self Sustainable Real Estate Projects Applying Social Entrepreneurial Concept, Programming And Theming Mindset- Ryerson University-Canada

How US Family & Private Wealth Management Offices Explore And Participate In Canadian Investment Opportunities-Opal Family Office Event-Canada

Please visit




and www.firozshroff.com to learn more about Firoz Shroff.

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Rafiq Ahmed Hussain

Mr. Rafiq is currently a Director and member of advisory team for European business  matters in  Yusuf Dewan Group of companies  Karachi since 2012 and also a Member of advisory team  for European business matters for  Habib Group of Companies  Karachi since 1999.


He has a vast experience in establishing new companies and their revivals through his expertise and joint collaboration of his team which led him to become the founder of Heimtex Industries Limited  Karachi, co-founder of Zeon International (Dallas,  TX), Home-Vision Handels Bolag (Tumba, Sweden) and co-founder as well as managing director of Hil Impex Gmbh (Bad Vilbel) and Sia “QNF” (Sigulda, Latvia).


He has been the CEO and international Coordinator for IATT Machinery Ltd Douglas, Great Britain, for around 18 years which is the Technology providers for polymers, man-made fibers & downstream industries.


He is shareholder of multiple companies, globally and has provided his experienced opinion for the growth of the companies such global companies


He has an experience of merger of the company and being a CEO of for IATT Machinery Ltd he merged the company with BIC (Baltic International Corporation) Riga, Latvia (known for Processing of synthetic polymers & synthetic yarns) and renamed the company as IATT-BIC Machinery Ltd.


Over last 30 years he have been engaged in buying, dismantling, refurbishing  and disposing of plants and machinery’s with  turnover of $ 100 mill. Having known Shroff family as mentor and friend for a generation together they have formulated a new strategy to acquire plants - refurbish and operate them with induction of disruptive innovation technology with jugaad approach to do more with less by inducting professional team to operate at this plan from their present location in Europe and enter the industrial sector with advantageous penetration strategy with low cost bases.


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Michael Blakely
Michael Blakely has over 7 years of business development; marketing and sales experience combined with 5 years of project management skills. Operating out of SEC’s Niagara office in St. Catharines, Ontario, Michael works closely with the SEC team to continually identify and manage a number of local Real Estate projects in Canada and the United States. Michael also heads up the SEC’s financial services division which includes providing short and long term financing, overseas remittances, on-line financial services and various other “alternative” financial solutions.

In addition, Michael also acts as one of the initial points of contact for entrepreneurs who are looking for funding and support for various projects.

After graduating from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, with a Major in Marketing, Michael spent 5 years in the broadcast industry traveling extensively throughout Canada. Shortly after leaving the broadcast industry Michael helped a handful of new start-ups grow and build a solid business model before starting his own financial services company specializing in the “sub-prime” lending market.

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Lee K. Kang
Working closely with SEC’s since its incorporation, Lee assists the team as independent consultant from time to time with SEC's overall business development and resource management activities. With more than ten years of strategy development, marketing, management and business development experience as a management consultant and business development manager, Lee will be responsible for building SEC into a global organization. He has previous industry experience in the consumer, technology, Internet, and e-business sectors, while with Ernst & Young Management Consulting, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, and iBGEN, Inc. in East Asia.

Lee received a Masters degree from the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, with emphasis on international business, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics and international relations from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. He attributes his interests in international politics and social development, love for travel, and eagerness to learn new cultures to his extensive international experience of having lived in eight different countries.

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Saeed Y. Chinoy
Mr. Chinoy belongs to one of the most prominent business, professional, political and philanthropic families of the sub-continent, both in India and Pakistan. He and his family members have been on the board of directors or held the chairmanship  of various multinational companies working in the region and have held the Presidency of the Indian Legislative Assembly(1930-32), The Viceroy's Advisory Council and been represented at the  Round Table Conference in London in 1931. His grandfather was President of All India Muslim League in Agra in 1914, Chairman of the Indian fiscal commission in 1923, and Member of the Viceroy’s Advisory Council. Family members have been Mayors of Bombay, Honorary  Magistrates and Justice of the Peace. More recent positions include Pakistan's First High Commissioner to the court of St. James, London, Ambassador to France, Minister of Commerce, Governor of Sindh and of Punjab, Honorary Consuls of Liberia and Greece. The family have held board seats and ownership interests in English Electric, The Metal Box Company, ICI, Engro Chemicals, Reckitt and Coleman Ltd., Premier Sugar Mills, International Industries, Pakistan Cables and several other companies in Pakistan. They have a joint venture in Singer Pakistan Ltd. He and his family members business interests in India included real estate, transportation and communication as well as being agents for General Motors and sole agents for Burmah oil.


He contributes his time, resources and relationship as social entrepreneur of various organizations well as member and Vice President of Oxford and Cambridge Society. He  has been or is currently a member of The Sind Club, Karachi Polo Club, The Karachi Golf Club, The Karachi Boat Club, The Karachi Gymkhana Club, The Pakistan Association of Cambridge University, The Pitt Club, The Cambridge University Polo Club and The Union Society Cambridge University. He was awarded a blue for playing Polo for Cambridge University. Mr. Chinoy has played an active role in incubating various philanthropic, social and commercial entities internally and with external intermediaries as well as building relationships for the Sasi Foundation internationally and supporting its social entrepreneurship program.


He has 35 years of business experience and has been on the Board of well-known global and regional companies. He has hands on experience in complete business cycles from idea to implementation. He obtained his Bachelors and Masters degrees from Cambridge University in 1964 and 1967. He has played many roles such as Advisor, Board member, General Manager, Consultant, Partner, Idea Sponsor in the SAARC and Middle East region, including for Xenel Industries Group of Companies of Saudi Arabia in different projects such as the HUBCO Power Plant (1292 Megawatt Power Plant in Baluchistan)  and also promoting various multi million dollar projects in Asian Infrastructure Development such as an Oil Terminal in Port Qasim with British Petroleum BP and IPCO Marine of Singapore; Karachi Mass Transit System. He was Senior Vice President of Saudi Services and Operating Co. SSOC, a joint venture with Boeing Services International Co. a wholly owned subsidiary of the Boeing Company of USA. One of his major achievements in 1980 was negotiating the 1st contract of US $550 million for the operation and maintenance of Dhahran International Airport and King Abdul Aziz Airbase in Saudi Arabia. In 1977 he also started Arabian Bulk Trade Ltd. and Saudi Bulk Transport Ltd. to import and distribute bulk cement in Saudi Arabia. He has done consultancy work for Gerad S.A (Geneva) in Saudi Arabia, Enterprise Technology Development Plc, of Wiltshire England, Zain Consulting and Saudi Gulf Intertrade to name a few. Mr Chinoy has been involved in collective transactions in excess of US 2 billion during his 35 years business career on account of his family members, business partners and his clients. He is presently a Sponsor of The International Club, Karachi, a project that has revenue in access of US 150 million which proposes going for public listing in USA through reverse merger.


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Peter Thomas Yee

Mr. Peter Yee received a Bachelor of Science in Finance & International Business from the Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University, and a Diploma with Honors from Fordham Preparatory School, New York. He has over 10 years experience in real estate and is associated with the third largest real estate firm in New York, The Charles H. Greenthal Group of Companies, USA. His experience includes Investments, Human Resource Management, General Administration, Legal and Sales. Mr. Yee worked as a Strategic Management Consultant for the theatrical group, thedramaloft, in New York. He is attached with Cantor-Fitzgerald Relief Fund effort and NYU's Center for Health Promotions. He has a remarkable international outlook as a citizen of the U.S., having traveled extensively from an early age to more than 100 countries. He has his way around many languages, fluently speaking Dutch, French, German, Spanish and Italian. During his travels, Mr. Yee gained an understanding of various cultures, customs and conditions. Mr. Yee is a member of the Executive Team at Sasi Foundation and participates in the support and assistance group to establish Sasi Foundation, USA, advancing its Social Entrepreneurship mission globally


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SEC Global Network
In addition to our team in Toronto, SEC has the advantage of pooling valuable expertise, knowledge, and resources from it's global network of professionals and entrepreneurs.


SEC Global Team Difference
1) Collectively, we possess more than six decades of hands-on international experience in creating wealth, with broad experience in the analysis and redesign of M&A's, break-ups, divestitures, spin-offs, split-ups, swaps, carve-outs, corporate finance advisory, deal structuring, international tax and financial planning, trust and escrow management, global investment strategies, capital investment strategies, capital market functions, upfront SOTM derivatives and 'valuefacturing' wealth. We are ready to address your business needs and will dedicate ourselves to becoming your dependable partner on your road to success.

2) The SEC team and network of advisors are committed to social causes around the world. We have an extensive record of supporting and nurturing social sector organizations and SEC is affiliated with many leading social entrepreneurs and philanthropists around the globe. Firoz Shroff has himself created the SASI Foundation in 1999 to support non-profit and philanthropic initiatives with commitment to disseminate social entrepreneurship globally. As its Executive Chairman, he is actively involved in the management and operation of it activities. He is also involved professionally, culturally and socially with various non-profits and charitable organizations.

Please visit www.firozshroff.com and www.sasifoundation.org to learn more about his vision of social entrepreneurship and the activities he proposes to carry-out through the foundation.

3) Our global network of business partners allow us to extend our business activities beyond Canada's borders and leverage decades of their valuable knowledge and expertise. Currently, our network reaches the USA, Oceania, Europe, East Asia, South Asia, Middle East, East Africa and South America.

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