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The SEC Advisory Board

Firoz Shroff

As a seasoned, aspired and focused entrepreneur, Mr. Shroff has in the last 10 years  been experimenting and researching non-profit, philanthropic venturing and social entrepreneurship field. His dedication and present focus, as founder sponsor is to formulate innovative structure to bring to maturity Social Entrepreneurship Consortium Inc, as 1st public listed billion dollar non profit entity on stock exchange. As a role model for new direction in the non-profit sector he is implementing a road map and blue print to practically utilize the present resources of $120 trillion global capital market base.


He is founder member of SASI Foundation and President of Homeland International and United Nations Association of Canada Toronto Branch which he helped revive. A catalyst, founder and sponsor he also re-establish UNAP United Nations Association of Pakistan after 35 years of closure. He has experience in strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, international capital market, shares, debt instruments, currency and commodities futures, options, arbitrage, derivatives, investment banking and corporate management. He has over 40 years hands on experience in the development and operation of businesses and investments in SAARC region, Canada and internationally.


His primary emphasis is on value adding in public listed companies, private businesses and social organizations through application of qualitative analysis to identify their valuable intrinsic assets and developing strategies to capitalize them by providing them withy necessary resources including mentoring to increase shareholders value. Mr. Shroff specializes and has talents in providing a combination of business development, strategic and value adding direction, valufacturing, management and financial restructuring experience to both privately and publicly held companies with a matured insight. During his career, he has handled transactions in substantial ten figures for investors and his own account.  Biographical information by honor of invitation led to notable mention in world-renowned publications such as Who's Who in America, Who's is Who in Finance and Industry, Who's Who in the World and The Men of Achievement and Honor List and many others. He has an Honorary Appointment to Board of Directors Research at The American Biographical Institute.  He has affiliations with various international social and business organizations. Mr. Shroff has worked in, visited more than thirty countries and is resident of Canada. He has now dedicated his time and personal resources to promote social entrepreneurship to assist social sector to create self-sustaining entities through collaboration of commerce with philanthropy and non-profit with profit to apply his Social Wealth Origination model utilizing the global capital markets.

Please visit www.marquiswhoswho.com and www.firozshroff.com to learn more about Firoz Shroff.

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Jeffrey Lam

Mr. Jeffrey Lam is a Senior Information Technology Consultant with ten years of experience in creating business solutions for many large enterprises in the financial, insurance, high-tech, and public sectors. Mr. Lam devotes much of his time in community work. He served as the president of United Nations Association in Canada, Toronto Region Branch, in the 2004/2005 fiscal, and as the secretary on the previous two boards. He is an active volunteer in Toronto’s Asian communities,  having organized many charitable events, business conferences, and youth programs; as well, in 2004 Jeffrey served as the Area Coordinator of the Ontario Liberal Party. Born in Hong Kong, he completed his undergraduate studies at the University of British Columbia, and is fluent in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.


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SEC Advisory Partnership

  • SEC will invite experienced retired professionals to become members of its Advisory Board.

  • The board will consist of knowledgeable and experienced personalities from non-profit and profit sectors.

  • SEC selects candidates with practical experience in operating businesses/PLCs and non-profit groups as founders.

  • SEC will also partner with professional organizations, firms, associations and individuals with financial, social, investment, business process, human resources, marketing, advertising, IT, economics, commerce and management consulting background and experience.

  • SEC will make endowment to universities and colleges to create partnerships and synergies.

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