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Real Estate Investment Activities:-


1.     The Sharotel London UK
In London, UK near Harrods, South Kensington in the late 70’s early 80’s, Mr. Shroff acquired a chain of Hotels in  a property Development Company during recession in a major partnership with a foreign bank. Total rooms controlled exceeded 700 rooms in 5 properties with a Real Estate Development value of US $100 million.  The idea of this acquisition was to develop a time share club. This project was sold as part of exit strategy to a third party with land theme and development potential


2.     464 Acres Land, Orlando, Florida -
In Orlando, USA in 2005, Mr. Shroff was involved in acquisition of 436 acres land on Lake Jane Mary on which they obtained zoning and sold the land for substantial 8 figure profits. This development consisted of luxury homes on 1 acre plus with development 105 lake front homes with revenue of approximate $ 50 mill.

3.     20 Acres Land for Development in Markham

Mr. Shroff acquired in 2006 a very expensive 20 acres of prime high-density land to build 3 million square of mixed use development including international membership in wellness club to be sold to local and international market which will generate total revenue of approximately $ 3 billion under his theme and concept of  Wellness District


4.     Port Hope - 124 Acres Project
In Port Hope, Canada in 2007, Mr. Shroff acquired a 124 acres of mixed-use development land. This was just not a “development” but it was an integrated business and community hub that would be a centerpiece in our next major market for years to come as gateway to a growing and vital Port Hope area. That's why it's called THE CENTRE POINT AT PORT HOPE. This project was sold as part of exit strategy to a third party with land theme and development potential.


5.     Splendid China - 3 million sq. ft Net Buildable Project

In Toronto, Canada in 2009, Mr. Shroff acquired this land situated in the Toronto metropolitan area, home to one of the largest Chinese populations in North America, which was a Phased Redevelopment and Expansion of Splendid China Mall (Toronto) and Adjacent Lands. The Project was based on an expanded concept for the existing Splendid China project that was due to expand. This project was sold as part of exit strategy to a third party with land theme and development potential.


6.     Everett

In Township of Adjala –Tosoronitio Canada in 2012, this land was acquired as joint venture between Mr. Shroff and Sedona Lifestyles to bring an innovative development and way of living to the Torontonian community an urban setting in rural Everett and was later sold as part of exit strategy/




1.     8354 Acres Land for Development, Orlando, Florida
Currently in process of negotiating to acquire 8354 acres land in Orlando, Florida having a Limestone Mining Potential of approximately 900 million tons of high purity CaCo3 Calcium Carbonate.





1.     Considering to acquire a 1495 Acres Land in  City of Macsott Municipality, Florida near Disney World to Benefit the Corridor Development with a desire is to design a theme and concept on the land with modification to the target make i.e. 60 million visitors (tourists / visitors / investors / leisure & entertainment educationalist.


2.   Considering acquiring a 28-acre development opportunity located at Exit 13A of the NJ Turnpike, in Elizabeth, New Jersey. The land is comprised of eight adjacent land parcels that were approved for residential, retail, office, hotel and commuter parking. The site is located adjacent to The Mills at Jersey Gardens, the state’s largest value retail center, encompassing 1.3msf with expansion plans recently approved for an additional 500,000sf. In the process to discuss with Newark Airport Authority to develop Airport Citipolis  concept on the land and tie the Ferry Services to New York and New jersey for air traffic passengers to use the Ferry.








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