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Welcome to SEC

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Experienced Professionals & Entrepreneurs

SEC welcomes all individuals who have business, management, and social experience to join us in a unique partnership in the world of social entrepreneurialism. We welcome professionals like you to work with us on fee and profit sharing basis on our internal identified projects that have substantial social wealth origination potential. Once you learn our methods and model you are encouraged to offer our social ecotomic wealth creation model to your clients on profit sharing basis.

All present and former C-level executives, investment  bankers, merger and acquisition (M&A) specialist, venture capitalists, public listed companies, investor relations firms, securities attorneys, financial investors and specialized consultants are invited to contact and discuss alliance opportunities to work and share in valufacturing global opportunities and social ecotomic wealth.  

What we mentor:

  •      A new positive mindset to    think entrepreneurially and   create wealth for social         projects

  •      Ability to diagnose, create   and identify social wealth    opportunities

  •      Founder's extensive            coaching and practical        scenarios to develop           opportunities


  •      Funding

  •      Stock options or profit      sharing

  •      Mentoring and coaching  

  •      Global networking            opportunities

  •      An opportunity to let your   creativity flow

  •      Freedom and flexibility to enjoy the effectiveness in  virtual work environment


What you will bring to SEC:


  •      Business acumen

  •      Qualitative & quantitative      research experience

  •      Social conscience

  •      Positive, focused, and     driven attitude

  •      Teamwork

  •      Creativity

  •      Great ideas


We look forward to hearing from you if you are interested in changing your thinking from a 9-to-5 regulated office environment and employment to becoming an entrepreneur with freedom to work in your own surrounding, with flexible pace and time and to create wealth through our social entrepreneurship process (SEP) of 5 Ps: Participate, Practice, Produce, Perform and Profit. Thank you. 


Please send inquiries and resume to firozshroff@seconsortium.com


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