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The Shroff Family Forms Social Entrepreneurship Consortium, Inc. as Canada's First Ever Tax-Paying Entity in the Non-Profit Sector

Mr. Shroff sits on the board of several philanthropic and for-profit organizations and was recently appointed President of Homeland International, Inc. and United Nations Association of Canada-Toronto (UNACTO). He will be representing founders and idea sponsors and has been appointed as first Executive Chairman, CEO and President of Social Entrepreneurship Consortium, Inc. until senior executives for these positions are selected in the future.

(PRWEB)  -- Social Entrepreneurship Consortium, Inc. (SEC) will establish a global partnership to assist public listed companies trading on stock exchanges worldwide to identify intrinsic assets through conceptual knowledge that have universal prospects with social blending.

SEC will join hands with the management of public companies as social partners by collaborating in various processes applied through mentoring and consultations - integrative thinking, corporate storytelling, business design, scenario planning, synectic value adding synergies, ghost owner thinking, social owner thinking, spiritual capital investor and owner thinking, and business architectural and collaborative business thinking. These processes will magnetize the public listed company's intellectual capital into global profitable opportunities to increase shareholders value.

As part of its plan to leverage strategic partnerships, SEC has established research relationships with University of Toronto's Rotman School of Business Management in Toronto, Canada and with the University of Tulane's A. B. Freeman School of Business, Levy-Rosenblum Institute for Entrepreneurship and the Burkenroad Report in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. These research relationships will allow SEC to target publicly listed for-profit companies to identify their entrepreneurship potentials in which social traits can be blended.

SEC will offer value enhancing services without any upfront cost to the management and will operate by sharing equity profit from implementation of its conceptual plan to the company. The profit will be managed professionally to maximize its growth potential, and as the profit accumulates and grows, SEC will use it to finance and mentor non-profit organizations and assist their transition from being an outside funding dependent organization to one with a self-sustaining social entrepreneur model.

SEC start up support team consists of Ms. Norma McNeill (Aagyaa Singhni), Director, Mr. David Nuttall, Director, and Mr. Lee Kang, Vice President, Resource Management.

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