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Social Entrepreneurship Consortium, Inc. in Canada Will Acquire Interest in The Social Entrepreneurship Resource Bank PLC In London


Mr. Shroff who seats on the board of The Social Entrepreneurship Resource Bank plc in London United Kingdom is assisting in the negotiations. Mr. Shroff participates in several philanthropic and for profit organization. He is Chief Trustee, Chairman and President of SASI Foundation, Homeland International Inc and Ex-President United Nations Association of Canada-Toronto. He represents founders, investors group and idea Sponsors in both the entities and actively searching senior executives for the position of President, CEO and COO.

(PRWEB)  - Social Entrepreneurship Consortium Inc in Canada is negotiating to acquire interest in The Social Entrepreneurship Resource Bank PLC (SER Bank) in London United Kingdom.

Social Entrepreneurship Consortium, Inc. SEC will assist public listed companies trading on stock exchanges worldwide to identify intrinsic assets through conceptual knowledge that have universal prospects with social blending.

The Social Entrepreneurship Resource Bank PLC (SER Bank) in London United Kingdom came into existence in 2001 to create a global resource platform in Social Entrepreneurship to assist public listed companies to conceptualize their intrinsic assets.

SER bank was supported through strategic planning and partnership utilizing the Shroff family founder's networking and resources. The family gave excess to its global experience in four key areas to formulate SER bank plans to optimize its growth as a self sustaining entity. These included the use of membership concept to generate revenues, franchising to resolve management and expansion issues and public company stock as currency to raise capital resources and attract top management and investors and social collaborative branding strategies to establish non profit and for profit root in each market.

SEC provides specialized services by joining hands with the management as social partners through various collaborative processes. SEC achieves these through mentoring, Integrative Thinking, Corporate story telling, Business design, Scenario Planning, Synectic value adding synergies, Ghost owner thinking, Social owner thinking, Spiritual capital investor and owner thinking, Business architectural and Collaborative business thinking to magnetize plc's intellectual capital into global profitable opportunities to increase shareholders value.

Social Entrepreneurship Consortium, Inc. has established research relationship with University of Toronto at Rotman School of Business Management in Toronto Canada. In USA at University in Louisiana, Tulane's A. B. Freeman School of Business- Levy-Rosenblum Institute for Entrepreneurship and the Burkenroad Reports.

The SEC research activities target public listed for profit companies and to identify their entrepreneurship potentials in which social traits can be blended. SEC offers these services without any upfront cost to the management. SEC always remains minority partner and its revenue model is to generate revenue via stocks, options, warrants and debentures and minority share in profit from implementation of its conceptual plan to the management and company.

SEC start up support team consists of Mr. Lee Kang, Vice President, Resource Management, Ms. Norma McNeill (Aagyaa Singhni), Director General Support, and Mr. David Nuttall, Director, Planning and Communication. SER Bank has affiliations in New Zealand, Australia, India, Singapore and Dubai.

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