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Social Entrepreneurship Consortium, Inc.
8 Hillcrest Avenue, PH 202

Toronto, Ontario M2N 6Y6


Skype: live:firozsasi_1
Private Email: firozsasi@gmail.com  

Firoz Shroff
Founder-Idea Sponsor-Disruptive Thinker and Implementer-
Operates Social Entrepreneur SHIP.

1. Social Ecotomic Mapping with Space Ship Vision as Social Deal Originator

2. Valufacturing Social Wealth via Real Estate Project Based Philanthropy
3.  We invest in Distress projects, neglected assets and delinquent loan

     portfolio  for cash

4.  We build and endow technology platforms for institutions in strategic 

5.  We assist plc’s - businesses to diagnose intrinsic assets, create road map 

     via spinoff ‘s and invest capital to capture billion -dollar new revenue

     stream to increase shareholders values.

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"Wealth is when small efforts produce big socio-economic results with space ship vision which we can share. Poverty is when big efforts produce small socioeconomic results with small vision and nothing to share."Firoz Shroff"

As part of our philosophy our C-Level team members are in the forefront and in direct interaction with the decision makers of PLCs (our clients). This allows us to hear Client firsthand story to integrate with our experience and apply our model of Knowledge Information Talent Expertise ‘KITE’ to diagnose intrinsic assets to map Ecotomic road map.

CEO needs Corporate storytelling experience professionals like us to help them adore the invisible powerful mandate from customer” Make us wealthy with a SLICE” Social, Logical, Intellectual, Consciously, Emotionally   We provide the SLICE ecosystem to PLCs'. 

Our top management is in the forefront and have intelligent Ecotomic army to support our global M & A activities and proprietary partnership transactions by arbitraging cross border human capital marinated with ecosystem, platform and technology, leveraging our 3/5 generational experience, background, credentials and old and New world network and monetizing with our HYBRID (highest yield by rotating 20 (i) dollar knitted with Jugaad and Dhandoo mindset clubbed with strong ingrained mercantile ancestral teaching.

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