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Our Story
SEC came into existence through deliberations among the Shroff family worldwide and its team members under the stewardship of Firoz Shroff with an objective to play catalyst role in the social sector. The space for SEC was in economy of scope by creating a new niche. The scope is to conquer complexity in the business and philanthropic sector by calibrating commerce and social economics under our own conceptualized social entrepreneurship method, model, process, system and values by creating innovative services, programs, friends and family investment and equity investor funds.

We share the view of Michael George (Conquering Complexity in Your Business) that most public listed companies absorb too much complexity both economic and social activities. One of the fundamental SEC objectives is to discover complexities in social and entrepreneurial organizations and factor them into opportunities to create new markets and stockholder value.

Firoz Shroff, with a diverse group of principals and team members has an approach to life that is recognized as being a "Friendly Mentor" and supportive of the existing management of public listed companies (PLC). SEC team members perform in a wide range of roles, including social entrepreneur, corporate story-teller, creative thinker, scenario planner, corporate "conceptualize," "valufacturer," and "ecotomic social wealth creator and ideation team." Collectively and individually they have the ability to diagnose intrinsic assets and capitalize these values and newly conceived resources without affecting the balance sheet while carving new and value enhanced entities.


"To originate social wealth through diagnoses of intrinsic assets that is derived from collaboration and integration of existing resources in which economic and social value enhancement approach is applied to design perpetual income generation process to benefit all stakeholders in corporations, communities and countries."


From their accumulated experiences, the SEC team knows that intrinsic assets are often invisibly floating above a company's complex process for planned growth. The phenomenon of invisible intrinsic assets is usually the result of a management and leadership team that is keenly focused on generating revenue, which leaves no energy for finding wealth creation opportunities and often delegating that function to an entirely different branch than the primary business operations.

We know that successful business managers have the skill and mindset to create valuable assets within or outside their PLCs' present balance sheet. Our role is to illuminate and add visibility to the potential for improving market capitalization several fold as a result of innovative thinking and aggressive action to create new entities that benefit all stakeholders.

Through the SEC scenario planning, a PLC will increase profitability but equally important is the growth in creativity among its management and employees as they learn to identify intrinsic assets and then capitalize these values both economically and socially to benefit all the stakeholders.

Finally, SEC would like to assist these PLCs' to acquire their due respect in the market place (capital markets, perpetual customer loyalty, employee ownership through a social entrepreneurship model, shareholders values and community partnering), positively contributing to the global economy, and nurturing the environmental and educational well-being as social entrepreneurial entities.

The SEC goal is to conceptualize, crystallize, carve and create new value enhanced ventures that at SEC point of diagnostic entry is not existent in the company, in the mind of the management, or in the its balance sheet. SEC is not only focused on spin-offs or breakup of companies present assets but rather creating subsidiaries with 3rd party investments. Avoiding the appearance of a predator is an overarching principle.

The SEC approach is intentionally empathic, sympathetic and strives to motivate others to innovate, create and energize new ventures and to develop and carve out new corporate marriages. We realize this is a dramatic change in the traditional mind set that assumes growth occurs only at the expense of the spin-off of existing assets. SEC applies a holistic, integrative and collaborative approach to value creation. We leverage external assets to create value without reinventing. SEC thinking is not "outside the box," but rather a pragmatic imagination that creates new, larger boxes of opportunities both commercial and social.

Why We Are Unique:-

  • We offer a unique "win-win" situation based upon effective use of our Social Ecotomic Process (SEP) to increase wealth of all stakeholders with focus on identifying intrinsic assets...the success of SEC service.

  • We participate with our program and investment as partners in progress and friends of management to provide SEP.

  • Our compensation is based on the philosophy and practice of performing, producing and profiting from the newly created wealth. We pay for long-term warrants, discounted stocks, and options.

  • There is no cost to the company. The capital market pays us for our social contribution through increase in share value of our long-term warrants, stocks, options and shares in profit.

  • We bring and partner necessary capital resources to 'valufacture' social ecotomic opportunities.

  • For Global expansion plans, we mentor as friends of management with practical social strategies, provide matured wisdom, experienced vision to identify opportunities, attract resources, suggest value-added customized services, provide in-depth knowledge for innovative business architecture and application on law of abundance to save time and share rewards to enhance shareholders value.

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